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Thursday, 20 December 2012

My story of 2 years in Mumbai!

To Mumbai,

        When you know your initial years of careers passing in fastest city of India, and can get you to the heights you can dream.. Its just not allowed to slow down.. All you need is guts to digest Mumbai.. 

Today 2 years were passed just like weekend in measuring glory of dazzling city sparking through film stars, politicians  high profile businessmen and still it has much more to show.. 
teaches various lessons of being in Metro.. 
Where speed of watch dials depends on speed of train you takes.. 
getting into train is like biggest achievement of the day.. 
knowing people by their timing to get the train.. 
where crowd and rain extends definition of uncertainty..
gives platform to your hobbies to be extended..   
boring Mondays and excited Fridays to reach hometown..  
huge variety of culture and festivals.. 
rock-strong faith in Ganeshji drive me to survive in the city.. 

P.S. I <3 Mumbai!